Unpopular Issues? No problem. Thanks RW media!

Remember when we were so curious as how Trump voters and even some independents, Bernie / Jill Stein folks voted against their own economic (and some social) interests?  And we were inundated with think piece / analysis after think piece / analysis? To jog your memory, here was one explanation that got a lot of airtime, and here’s another. People can reasonably blame stuff like apathy, gerrymandering, racial resentment, mistrust for politicians, poor education levels, poor critical thinking and reading comprehension skills, the way bills are written are needlessly obscure and complex. There are even political start-ups dedicated to making it easier for people to read bills. A simpler answer – and one that seems so obvious and overlooked me – lies in the information they are being fed. Let’s start there.

Question: How it possible every hot button issue in the United States polls one way and is legislated another?

Most people, including a significant % of Republicans, generally have favorable views towards stuff like legal immigration (including DACA), the environment, NATO, some gun control, inequality, workers’ rights, ACA, abortion (1st trimester, at least) and special interest money in politics.

And yet, somehow, we keep moving in the opposite direction of what the majority of us want. Something’s up. Quite literally, Every. Single. Issue. Even the much fear-mongered topic of immigration, through which GOP say the “Democrats are destroying this country!”. Amazingly and pathetically, Trump and GOP have managed to pass, try to pass or stall legislation that advances the majority’s interest, including their own party. It’s as if Republican voters are cheering for a team that is throwing the game. They’re like the 1919 Black Sox. Trump is Shoeless Joe.

Answer: RW media. This blog is dedicated to RW media, and I have described many times the effect and reach it has. No need to elaborate. You can read the ‘about’ section and the first two posts to get a sense of how powerful I think it is.

NOTE: I am not even including in the below the negative attitudes towards and conspiracy theories about Barack Obama from him being Muslim born in Kenya to child sex rings to friends with ISIS to being a racist…and on and on and on.

Keep in mind, Trump and Republicans have legislated (or not) in counter to every single one of these issues that were polled by Pew, Fox News even, CBS and other reputable polling companies.



Gun Control



Healthcare, specifically repealing the Obamacare


Corruption was more widespread in 2014, than in 2009, really??  At the peak if the financial crisis?? Really??

Labor unions

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